Smoked sardines in olive oil

I´m preparing a big post about empanada gallega, which has been something of an obsession lately. While I write it up, you can check out Pille´s version, which looks great and has the best possible and least Galician name: Galiitsia tuunikalapirukas.

This is just a quick Sunday evening post to highlight an ingredient I´m totally in love with: smoked sardines. You can buy these at the market if there´s a good stall with olives, boquerones, tuna and all the rest of the gang.
They are just sardine filets in oil, with a faint smokey taste. They are rich but not oily, and the taste is strong, but not overwhelming like it can be with anchovies. They are quite expensive, for sardines, but very cheap when compared with something truly expensive like wild salmon.

If you don´t want to take them home, Fide in c/Ponzano does a beautiful canapé that is just to die for several times over when paired with their classic Madrid-style beer caña.

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kickpleat dijo...

love this illustration. i'm a bit queasy about eating sardines though, but the illustration is tops!

Danny dijo...

Hi, Ximena - I absolutely adore tinned smoked mussels and oysters - I often eat an entire tin for lunch: no sharing :-)
But I have never seen smoked sardines. I will ask at my local supermarket.

Many thanks,

abby jenkins dijo...

I always have a couple cans of sardines in my pantry, I have to confess mainly because I love the graphics!

Your illustrations are fabulous! Bravo!