Brick-fried chicken

Roast chicken is great in almost every way, but it has two drawbacks. One, that the oven must be turned on, which in Madrid in the second hottest summer ever is a no-go. The other is that if you´re on your own, it makes for a lot of leftovers: J is away, and baby P can pack away a less than impressive amount.

However, there is a way to crisp skin and tender meat. This recipe, Sally Schneider´s brick-fried chicken, but made with chicken parts rather than a whole chicken. Drumsticks, or thighs, or whatever. You need only buy as much chicken as you can bear to live with , fit it snugly in your skillet, and then enjoy the fun DIY aspect of playing around with weights, since I doubt you keep bricks in the kitchen.

Just one note: turn off the smoke detector at first, and watch the time. Single bits will take less than the whole chicken in the original recipe.

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la ninja dijo...


I "do" have a couple of bricks out in the balcony at home (don't ask) plus having a bf who's an architect and currently re-doing his whole apartment... heavy objects abound! :)

I reckon he may really like this very "manly" filling-pans-with-rocks approach to chicken. will definitely pass it on.

thanks a lot for sharing, as always.

son, la ninja

Anh dijo...

Thanks for sharing this intersting method with us. love it!

Nevis dijo...

Love the drawing....and chicken under a brick sounds lovely. Thanks!