Closed for the week

This is a post intended solely to turn everyone green with envy.
I am packing my brushes, pens, watercolour box, bottles, jars, papers and easel and setting off. I will be in La Granja, a beautiful place in the mountains. I am officially going to be working on a book about the gardens, but it will feel more like a picnic holiday.

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Pille dijo...

Enjoy the picnic holiday, dear Ximena. Our love to J. & P!!!

laurie dijo...

I am chartruse with envy. Have fun!

Ana dijo...


"Her gardens were the gardens I spoke of when I spoke to you of gardens"

(Ondaatje, The English Patient)

Y lo has conseguido, estoy verde de envidia...

foodcreate dijo...

Buen Viaje!

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Olga dijo...

Have great time! Beautiful blog! :) please drop by mine too! :)