Here´s the banner I´ve made for Mary, aka Breadchick. It´s up just in time for the tentative beginning of spring. In Madrid chairs and tables are already beginning to sprout on sidewalks, and one can enjoy frothy little cañas in the sun.

Also, in a suitable springly mode , my friend Mariana, aka MariaGodzilla, gave me a bunch of mustard shoots (sprouts?) on Monday. They´re beatiful, grassy and fresh, with a hot mustardy aftertaste. They´re impossible to find around here, and these were home grown. The first I munched straight out, but after a while I decided to do them justice, with:

a salad- cherry tomatoes, perfect avocadoes, the mustard shoots, a few drops of olive oil, a slosh of sherry vinegar and salt.

and also, a sandwich- very dark rye bread, mashed avocado (they´re all over the place now, fresh from Granada), smoked salmon. Topped with a straggly mess of, yes, mustard shoots.


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Marquesa de Bárbula dijo...

Oh God Ximena!
I love you sooo so much!!

Thank's for the lovely review! this sprouting thing has been a revolution of it's own in my house! today we'll have for dinner a wonderful salad which we haven't still decided what to make it of: broccoli, mustard, black radish or lentils sprouts on a golden pesto focaccia, sprinkled with apple vinegar and rock salt.
(recipe from Claudia http://cocinasexy.multiply.com)

Mouth watering!

Oh Ximena! they can be found in Madrid! your friend Maria Godzilla is sprouting them as of now... and not only mustard!!



Siri dijo...

I LOVE a good dark rye with avocado! It's one of my favorite late night snacks!

breadchick dijo...

Ximena, I can't THANK you enough for such a lovely header for my blog.

I break into a big smile every time I look at it. It is like taking a mini vacation.

Breadchick Mary

HaveFaith dijo...

Oh yum! Never thought of smoked salmon and mashed avocado on dark rye. That will be my sandwich for tomorrow. I might add a few of those cherry tomatoes too.

zlamushka dijo...

I love your blog. So many pretty illustrations, you surely do have talent. And also one for cooking. Will be back, I am glad I ran into you ...