Il Pizzaiolo

I´ve recently been recommended a restaurant, Il Pizzaiolo, and a program, Pages, by my friend Edu, a conoisseur of both. If you want to read my restaurant review, you´ll have to click on the image to read it. I´m in love with software. And I thought I couldn´t get any geekier!

4 comentarios:

Ramona dijo...

Such talent, with the word and art.

xps dijo...

Pages pages!!!! que gozada. está ideal.

Paula y Simón dijo...

¡Qué bien, Lobster, a ver si te encargan más cosas de estas, que las haces muy bien! A ver si quedamos pa cenar allí y nos desquitamos de la no despedida y te doy tu camiseta... jeje

Anónimo dijo...

pages is good, pizzaiolo is great, and chicago is my kind of town.
Kizzez and thanks for quoting