Scavenger mackerel sandwich

I am going to be in Sevilla this weekend, celebrating the wedding of two very dear friends. Since they asked me to illustrate their invitation and the little menu cards for the tables, I know what the menu will be. Takes such a load off my mind. Otherwise, I spend all the time at the church wondering if it´s going to be a fish or meat wedding. Idle thoughts, you´ll say, but it´s hard to be entertained by a wedding mass, at my time of life. I get to hear St.Paul´s epistle many times every year.
Not that I needed the privileged info this time. The groom is allergic to shellfish and strawberries, which rules out all that traditional part of the wedding feast.
And anyway, this post is about the sandwich we had yesterday for our dinner. There was also chicken consomé, because it´s been raining like hell all week, and I´ve been communing with my inner five-year-old and stepping in puddles, and rather fear I´ve caught a cold.
But the sandwich? It was excellent, and surprisingly so, since it started from really scavengy beginnings.
Pan de leche buns, which are rather sweet and soft, were spread with a mayonaise made better and pinker with lemon juice and chili paste. The remains of the mackerel escabeche, carefully de-boned, were laid on top. Black olives were then dotted around tastefully, and the whole thing covered with a crunchy lettuce leaf.
I loved it. All the tastes seemed to meld into a very harmonious whole, somehow, which I never thought they would. Just what I wanted for dinner.

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Marona dijo...

Me encantan tus dibujos, me encanta tu blog y me encanta tu bocadillo de caballa en escabeche! En cuanto vuelva a encontrar caballa en la pescadería lo hago!

Inés dijo...

Ximena, Acabo de descubrir tu blog por casualidad y me encantan tus dibujos y sobretodo tus recetas. ¿Donde has aprendido tu excelente inglés?

xps dijo...

I want it for dinner, you want it for dinner, he wants it for dinner.....

Charleston South Carolina Real Estate dijo...

Delicious...thank you for writing such incredible descriptions...I love tapas for one...and love to entertain around tapas for two...

My stomach is growling now!!!

Hope the trip to Sevilla was memorable...how could it NOT be!!


PS...come to Charleston, SC sometime for good food...

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Lydia dijo...

What a lovely wedding menu! And I love scavenging in my fridge and pantry for dinner. In fact, I'm doing that tonight!

Guru dijo...

Cosa mais linda!!!!!!

lindy dijo...

When I first read this, I thought that "scavenger" was there to modify "mackeral", as the mackeral is a scavenger fish. Is this actually an incredibly sophisticated play on words in a language not your own?

If so, I am lost in admiration. Also, I am a lowly worm, as I can't speak any language other than English. I have a plan to learn Spanish when I retire in 8 years- if my brain isn't entirely calcified by then. In any event, you are a very clever woman, with an excellent command of English.

lobstersquad dijo...

marona: hola, gracias y bienvenida. espero que te guste el bocata
inés: pues muchas gracias, me alegro.
xps: ya ves
charleston: well, it´s not quite a tapa,but it´s pretty good for all that, thanks
lydia: I bet you are. your pantry seems to yield more than king solomon´s mines!
guru: no tanto como otrosss
lindy: I´m afraid not, Lindy. I didn´t know that mackerel are scavengers. My knowledge of seafood is limited, since Madrid is so far from the sea.
I hope you´ll enjoy learning Spanish. For starters, mackerel is called caballa over here.