The fridge thing

Sam started, and then I saw that Melissa and Brett followed, and then a whole lot of others, so of course I´m running behind, yelling, "I want to play too!".
This is my attempt at unedited, front-line, grungy reportage drawing.
As you can see, I´m a condiment junky, and there is never much fresh stuff in the fridge. This is because I like to buy whatever I need for a couple of days at the market. Plus, I change my mind a lot, so it´s never a good idea to buy too far ahead.
I have lots of oriental cheat pastes, like black bean garlic and chili garlic. Luxury jams and chutneys that I buy on impulse, and pots of the homemade stuff.
I also have some well-wrapped brownies left over from J´s birthday last Thursday, and a jar of pesto I made yesterday. The onion jam is also the result of some last minute industriousness. The eggs are from Pazo de Vilane, at the high end of the food chain. The yogurts from Día, at the far lowest possible (well, sorry, but they´re the only ones open on Saturday afternoons around here).
I also have tomatoes, but I would never, EVER, keep them in the fridge.
Some day I´ll do my freezer, and then you´ll see true chaos.

7 comentarios:

Lydia dijo...

Your "snapshot" of your fridge is my favorite! You have wonderful style, Ximena.

jenjen dijo...

I love that illustration! It's even better than if you took a photograph.

Sam dijo...

anyone who has the mixings for bellini is alright by me!

xps dijo...

bueno para la vuelta del picnic.

diet calories dijo...

This is a good sharing. Anyway, we need to be careful with the food that pack for many days. As those food only last for one or two days only! Our body callories is merely important.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe dijo...

My fridge would look very similar~ but a zoom in close-up would show that each condiment jar would only have 2 tablespoons left.
I salute you true tomato know-how!

ilingc dijo...

Funny you should say condiments.. my old fridge used to have a whole shelf dedicated to condiments and a variety of pastes. (Old fridge... because now that I live at the boyfriends, he throws them out whenever he finds any opened jars after a few months..)

ps. Love the illustration of the fridge :)