Another me me me meme

I´ve been tagged by Asmo for a meme in which you tell what´s been going on in your life in leaps of five years, that is, the years ending in 2 and 7. So here goes.

Since I was born in December of 1975, I don´t remember 1977, but I have it on the best authority that I was a farily decent baby, all things considered. I learnt to talk before I could walk, which makes a lot of sense, in view of my sedentary and anti-sporting life later. My favourite breakfast was strawberries and yogurt.

1982 is the year my religious feeling suffered a severe knockup, and not even a convent school and later another one run by Catholic Talibans could bring me back to the fold. And why? Because the Pope´s visit meant they cut short my favourite TV series, a cartoon featuring some woodland fairies. I never found out what happened after the main character, who wore an acorn top for a hat, jumped into a river and almost drowned. My favourite food then was schitzel and chips.

In 1987 I was sent to England for a year, to learn the language. This meant that from then on I could read all the books in the house, and that I was almost a grownup. That irritating trick my elders and betters had of switching to English when discussing matters not fit for my innocent ears stopped working. Foodwise, I´m still grimacing from the first toast with Marmite I had. I spread it thickly, as though it were jam. Ugh.

In 1992 I decided to start preparing for the entrance exam to the Academy of Fine Arts. It came as a bit of a shock for everyone, since my mother wanted me to be an architect, and my father saw me as a captain of industry, whereas I myself favoured advertising or journalism. But a friend of mine had started, and so I joined up, and look at me now. The friend studied chemistry after all, which just goes to show. I´m not sure what, but something, surely. I had a waffle for the first time, at the Expo ´92 in Sevilla.

1997 I went to Leeds Metropolitan University in an Erasmus exchange. I ended up staying, and finishing my degree there. I was introduced to chip butties, naan bread, and taught to cook pasta with broccoli by an Italian flatmate.

2002 saw me signing the morgage for the flat I live in now, and acquire a boyfriend in the shape of J, my longtime best friend. I think we can safely say it was a momentous time in my life. Since I had my very own kitchen, I started really cooking just around then. The usual method would be to have a couple of friends and cook something while we drank something. Some things were succesful, some weren´t, that was the fun.

Now in 2007 everything´s much the same, except that we´ll be going to Oxford in September for a few months, which will probably change things, but I don´t know how yet.

Apparently this is a meme that has been doing the rounds of French non-food blogs, and it´s up to us to get the ball rolling, so here goes. I´m tagging, and I sure hope they don´t mind:


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ASMO dijo...

Muchas gracias, Ximena! I see we are both late cooking bloomers :-)

let's see how far this ball rolls...

LE BLOG dijo...

Me ha encantado lo que cuentas.

lindy dijo...

Will do, though this may take me awhile. The first year you mention is the year my daughter a/k/a the redfox was born!

R2K dijo...

: )

tammy dijo...

Okay, I finally got something up. Thanks for the tag! It was a fun trip down memory lane.


christine dijo...

Really enjoyed learning more about you. Now I know why your English is perfect! :)

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