"Por la mañana, oro, por la tarde, plata, y por la noche, mata". This rather alarming proverb translates loosely as "gold in the morning, silver at midday, killing at night", and is supposed to be advice on eating melons. I don´t know why they´re so indigestible at night, but there you go.
I went to the market this morning to find it almost shuttered, nearly every stall having a printed notice to the effect that they´ll be back at some point.It´s not quite compensation for not being on holiday yet, but it was nice to buy a beautiful half melon, and some peaches, and it´s been a lovely breakfast.

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Lydia dijo...

I've never heard that about melons -- and I love cold chunks of melon for dessert after dinner!

Pille dijo...

That's an interesting saying about melons indeed. I could do with some southern fruit at the moment - it's pouring with rain outside, and the feel is rather chilly!

ann dijo...

My neighborhood is like that right now too. Almost every store is shuttered for the next two weeks while the proprietors go on vacation. I don't know how I'm going to eat!
What a funny saying about the melons too. I've never heard that. Sounds to me like it would be more appropriate for beans ;-)

Anónimo dijo...

I heard more or less the same saying about oranges. I can't explain why, sorry. I'll try to investigate about it.


Jennifer dijo...

Great saying! I read somewhere that melons have a detoxifying property and they can give stop you from craving chocolate!
-I'll believe it when I eat it :)

lobstersquad dijo...

lydia: so do I!!!
pille: I´d swap a melon for some rain, right away. we´re in the forties here
ann: beans sounds likelier, or cheese, I agree
helena: that´s a new one! I always have oranges for dinner in winter
jennifer: well, it does taste very detoxy, we´ll have to try the chocolate thing, not very sure, though

veron dijo...

I enjoy melon after dinner all the time too. Now Ximena, you have to find out why since you already planted that thought in our heads. :)

lobstersquad dijo...

veron, don´t worry. I´m sure if I look hard enough I´ll find a saying that says the exact opposite. let´s continue with our melons and not worry