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All through my childhood there was a bottle of Tabasco in the pantry. The same bottle, for years and years, like an old friend with a yellowing label.
I don't consider myself a hot sauce fiend, of course, but somehow we've got through a bottle in the ten months we've been in Aberdeen.
Mysteries of the frozen north.

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Mali Hanna dijo...

I few years ago the new CEO of Tabasco made a deal with the company that if he double the production in 12 months, he would get a huge bonus. He had the bottle re-worked with larger holes in the top. What was 2 shakes on someone's eggs every morning turned into twice as much sauce on someone's eggs. So maybe that is why y'all have gone thru the bottle so quickly.

lobstersquad dijo...

Mali Hanna: well that´s it, thanks for explaining they mystery. That CEO is a canny one

Rhonda dijo...

There's a very old joke about Tabasco - "My husband and I have been married for so long, that we're on to our second bottle of Tabasco!"
We, on the other hand, can use a whole bottle in one day - on a fabulous recipe for prawns that a friend from New Orleans gave us...

lobstersquad dijo...

rhonda: we say the same thing but with salt! those prawns sound intriguing, though