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I've discovered that the best proportiion for making risotto in a pressure cooker is one-two. Double the liquid to rice is perfect, and easy to remember. Five minutes is all it needs under pressure. I make two cups of rive for three, and it's just enough. Leftovers are always well received by two-year-old Pía.

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elle pee dijo...

Yes, that is what I use! Though, only wit Arborio.. Romano rice seems to want a little more - I still haven't figured out the formula for that one and it always comes out a little "too" al dente, even if i cook it for 7 minutes!

I'm woking on a decoder for all rice in the pressure cooker... will let you know when that's ready!



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Anónimo dijo...

You´ve got me completely hooked on my pressure cooker ever since you published that chicken stock recipe. Definitely going to give risotto a go! Does it need to stand for a bit after the 5 minutes are up? I imagine that a good beating with butter and cheese at the end will help the consistency a lot.

lobstersquad dijo...

elle: actually, I use whatever short grain rice I can find, but it always seems to work out ok.
Deb: It usually works pretty well, though yes, sometimes you need to let it stand a bit. But mostly just the butter and cheese turn it very mellow and just right.