Tote bags and summery dishes

Here´s a site I love: Reusable bags.

They have lots of different models for all sorts of bags that fold into tiny little pockets, perfect for carrying in a handbag and pulling out at the market or grocery store.

I don´t know about you, but I am terribly promiscuous in the market. With meat and fish I´m pretty faithful, but with fruit stalls, forget it. I have one guy for herbs, another for ginger, limes, avocadoes and mangoes, a third for apples and a fourth for all the rest of the normal stuff. And if the plum tomatoes are at 99 cents the kilo, I´ll have a fling with anyone.
I don´t like to arrive at a stall carrying the bag with the logo of another, and it´s my main reason for loving these tote bags.

Also, that they´re more comfortable and planet friendly. And you look so much better with a prettily stamped bag on your shoulder than with several ugly plastic ones dangling from your hands. What´s not to like?

On a more culinary note, here are links to the so-excellent and summery vichyssoise, and this salpicón from last year.

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Antonio Tahhan dijo...

haha! q cómico! I've sent the link to my mom (there's an extra "l" in the url that you linked to though). She a big believer in reusable bags.
I use my timbuk2 for when I go to the farmer's market... all the fruits and veggies you can imagine fit into that thing!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) dijo...

Oh, I love this site, too -- I already have lots of reuseable market bags, but the ones they have are so beautiful that I've been tempted to buy a few more.

Thermomixer dijo...

Hi, must be nice & warm there. Nice dishes for a hot day. As somebody would have pointed out the bag link doesn't seem to work?

We have been cooking eggs that way for many years now and it doesn't seem to result in the yolks going grey around the outside as easily. We prick the base with a wanky gadget(sure Alambique would have them)to stop them breaking.

The Vichyssoise - after adding potatoes and taking up to speed 7 - then 12 minutes at 100º - not at speed 7 ??

Don't need to publish this -but thanks for the great insights into Spanish food.

lobstersquad dijo...

Antonio: I´ve made the link good now, thanks. and I´ll check out the timbuk2
Lydia: they´re pretty hard to resist, arent´they?
Thermomixer: it´s horribly hot here!
the vichyssoise original recipe says 12 minutes on 7, but I made it yesterday and didnt´want so much noise, so I just did it on 2 and then gave it two minutes on 7. and I sweated the leeks for a little longer on a lower speed, too.

Bea dijo...

Hi....could not help but to stop and comment here!!!! I am also a great fan of reusable bags (specially with some witty writting on it like: " Your plastic bag can kiss my canvas" he he he!!!) I'm so looking forward to next year, when the supermarkets start charging for the plastic bags... we'lll have to bo back to the old shopping trolley of our mothers'!!!!!!!!. Regards. B

Guru dijo...

Justo hablaba con mi Ma del tema la semana pasada.

Debemos volver a las bolsas de tela, las de antes, las de toda la vida; porque yo aún recuerdo a mi abuela cogiendo las llaves, la cartera y "la bolsa de la compra" :)

ChichaJo dijo...

I also love reusable bags and like the little collection I have gathered :) Aside from help save the planet, like you say, my one big market bag is so much prettier (and easier to manage!) hanging on my shoulder than a ton of ugly plastic bags being dragged around by hand :)

Si's blog dijo...

Spent several month teaching in Provence. Loved going to the individual markets.

Here we have one big stall, Food Lion, and one small one, Diane's truck up on Route 13. You get much better stuff to put in your bags.

xps dijo...

A mi también me gustan mucho.... aunque luego no las encuentre. Gracias darling.

heather dijo...

Oh my goodness, X, I just last week got my Envirosax from that very website!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them, am completely addicted, and all of my loved ones are getting a set for Christmas. I also ordered a bunch of brightly colored chicobags at about four dollars each and plan on using them as gift bags!
I am also so very jealous of your Thermomix.

Carrie dijo...

What a helpful post! I just recently purchased a few compact bags from Envirosax, and I'm hooked. Thanks for sharing this link!

Cupcake Aficionado dijo...

I like your site. I've tagged you for a Meme. Check out my site for details.

Lobsters are yummy.

Claudia dijo...

Our natural foods store gives them (plain canvas ones) away with a big purchase, but they're only .99 cents anyway. Every time you bring your own bags they give a discount as well.
We must be on the same wave-length, I had just put my containers of vichyssoise in the frig to chill and then went online & read your post! Luckily, I had some previously frozen stock for it.

RecycleCindy dijo...

For any crocheters out there, here is a link to my free patterns for using plastic bags to create reusable grocery totes, purses, dishcloth scrubbies and more. http://www.myrecycledbags.com/my-pattern-links/ I offer all my crochet patterns free for personal use. Enjoy and happy green crafting to all.


Никола dijo...

Monster Librarian dijo...

I love the tote bags for shopping. Our library also allows people to check out tote bags to carry their books home in, and I secretly also use them for grocceries and all sorts of things!

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