How I love packaging.

I do. Very much. There is so much quality in a lot of labels. A trip to the shops is a feast for the eyes. And, sure, you end up buying stuff that you´ll never use. Especially in ethnic shops, where half the time I don´t know what I´m buying. Occupational hazard, maybe, but who cares. The graphics are so stunning, and it´s a cheap habit.
I always fall for classic labels like arroz Sos. The paper wrappings in oranges. Some old fashioned olive oils, like Carbonell.Heinz ketchup bottles.Avecrem stock cubes.Dairy milk chocolate.
Sometimes caring so much has its problems. They keep changing labels I´ve known all my life , like After Eights, or Principe de Bequelar biscuits. And not for the better, sadly.
Here´s a favorite, from a brand that takes very good care to keep that classic prestigious look.
And here´s a link to another packaging aficionado. It´s good to know you´re not alone.

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tejal dijo...

They changed the After Eight's packaging?!!

Julie dijo...

You're right -- a lot of stunning graphics to be found in food packaging. I like wine labels for the same reason and sometimes choose wine solely on the basis of the label.

lobstersquad dijo...

Yes, they changed the After Eights. Not so much the packaging, it´s still a dark green box with the little black envelopes. But the logo is a swirly , less realistic clock, and I hate it. Luckil I keep some of the old papers as bookmarks.

lobstersquad dijo...

And the buying stuff just for the label, I do it all the time. You can find yourself with some dodgy bottles sometimes, don´t you find, Julie?

lindy dijo...

I am a fan of packaging too. Some that I love are the baroque tinfoil wrappings that mozartkuchen,
from Austria(?) come in, and the tins and tissue paper that the
Lazzarone amaretti come in. Colman's mustard tins are good too.

I also like wrapping things up myself, and save odd bits of ribbons and papers and containers in an overful drawer so that I can have plenty to work with when I want to package someting.

Family members view this as demented, but generally seem to like having their gifts in the wrappings.

lobstersquad dijo...

Lindy, I have a drawer full of odd little bits of ribbon and paper from packaging. I pretend I´ll use them all for collages, but I´m not sure even I beleive it. They´re just too beatiful to throw away!

Anónimo dijo...

Hi lobstersquad and all!

I'm one of your kind. I buy lots of things only for the package and my house is full of empty bottles, envelopes and all kind of packets you can imagine. The worst thing is my mate looooves packages too, so we can't discard any of them.

As you say, at least it's good knowing you're not the only one!

Congratulations on your blog!

Helena, Spain

lobstersquad dijo...

Hi Helena

Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to the House of Packagingaholics!